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Winter Field Day [Sat Jan 27 @12:00PM - 03:00PM]

Coupled Resonator Antennas (a.k.a. "Skeleton Sleeve"), Joel Hallas [W1ZR]

CARA Meeting Agenda for November 8th, 2013:  Joel Hallas [W1ZR] Presents - Coupled Resonator Antennas
This presentation will be a detailed look at one type of multiband antenna known as a "Skeleton Sleeve".  
This antenna has been the subject of several recent QST articles and is proving very popular, due to it's 
simplicity and good performance.


 Joel Hallas [W1ZR] is a Technical Editor for QST magazine.  He was awarded the ARRL Technical Achievement Award in 2012

Joel Hallas        [W1ZR]