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CARA Field Day 2017 Wrap-up

Field Day 2017 emblematic

From Dan, W1QK, Field Day Chairman

“Hopefully, everyone had an enjoyable time.

We made over 1100 contacts - an improvement over last year's total.

This was a total CARA TEAM effort. Thank you to all who participated - especially to the tear-down team during the brief rain shower that began at 2pm.”

From Marcus, AB1WV, CARA President

“Speaking of my 9 year-old, Tori, I must relay a sincere thank you to everyone there from her. You all made her feel welcome and took her under your collective wings. She told me several times how much fun she had, and how she couldn't wait to do it again. For those of you not there at the end, she was tagging along with me on Sunday,and she helped with the tear down after she made 10 contacts during the last half hour of FD operations. She beamed with pride when Harlan attached an ARRL 2017 Field Day pin to her baseball cap for participation and helping.

From Jay, N1NRP, CARA Vice-president

"First - I’d like to extend my thanks to club members who were involved with FD. It was nice to see all the active club members enjoying the weekend together. We made a total of 1123 contacts. Roger, NG1R and Dan, W1QK,compiled and submitted our FD entry along with all the supporting evidence for the bonus points. Look for more data in this issue of Capers.Gary, N1GSA, and Eric, KC1EDE kept us well-nourished. Bacon cooking on the grill, along with the coffee brewing sure did wake me up on Sunday morning. This year’s fare didn’t disappoint. I especially enjoyed Eric’s delicious venison roast. Thanks to Dan and Harlan for proposing and arranging to purchase our two antenna mast kits, which sure made set up more efficient and break down a breeze."


For the full write-up, members can refer to the July CARA Capers.