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CARA Repeaters


Repeater Call Sign: W1QI
53.130 52.130 -1.0 MHz 100.0 FM Voice
147.300 147.900 +600 KHz 100.0
FM Voice
223.960 222.360 -1.6 MHz 091.5 FM Voice
447.775 442.775 -5.0 MHz 100.0 FM Voice


All repeaters are normally interlinked IRLP: 4593; Echolink: 1037

(Currently the 6 meter repeater is NOT operational)

Repeater Committee Chairman: Steve Simons (W1SMS)

Repeater System Status as of October 2013:

The CARA repeater system is now undergoing a complete update. At the moment, the 6 meter machine is off the air. The 2 meter, 220 and 440 MHz machines are operational.  The Echolink mode has been disabled indefinitely to enable system troubleshooting. At times the operational machines may or may not be linked together based on testing and troubleshooting activities.

Please feel free to contact Steve Simons (W1SMS) directly for additional information.